Starting my very own food blog

Hello, hello, to everyone who's reading this.

I'm so excited to write my first post on my brand new blog. I've collected many recipes that are ready to be cooked. Now the only thing I need is a nice oven to squeeze in our kitchen, so I can FINALLY start trying out recipes from my amazing new pie book: 'The Four & Twenty Blackbird Pie book'. 

The title {Wolves Table}  is inspired by my idea of a successful meal. If it's being devoured by guests who act like a pack of hungry wolves, my cooking was a success. Even when I cooked something vegetarian. 

My background in cooking is not so extensive. Offcourse my interest for food was always there, especially while having Asian roots (my mom was and is ALWAYS cooking in the kitchen)  and dating a pastry chef for the last decade. But when I started cooking and trying recipes out of my comfort zone, I discovered my knowledge about food was a little, how to say this, standard. I knew how to make a smashing spaghetti carbonara or a mouth watering bowl of Pho, but other than some more standard Vietnamese, Italian or Dutch dishes? Nope, not really. And don't get me started about baking… But, now i'm cooking and trying out new recipes every day and i'm surprised how much i've learned just by doing and making mistakes. And boy did I make some mistakes. Planning to make a lot more mistakes in the future. 

I aim to cook a recipe for the blog at least two times so I know what i'm dealing with and to see if it's any good. Recipe development is something i'll leave for the future. Although i'm tweaking some recipes already by adding a few or leaving some others, all to my own taste.

I'm also planning to use some of my recently bought cookbooks in the future on the blog. I'm talking Polpo by Russel Norman and Nigelissima by my still favorite Nigella. Both Italian, I know. But i'm just such a big fan of Italian food. I'm also eyeballing Julia Child's famous cookbook Mastering The Art of French Cooking, i'll let you know as soon as I get a copy back here in Taiwan. If you have any recommendations of your favorite cookbooks, do let me know. 

Getting the right ingredients back here in Taipei is sometimes a struggle. It's impossible to find kale here for example and products like cheeses are really expensive. I did find some great local markets in the city, if you are a Taipei local too and you're interested, you can find a list of markets over here. So if I can't find the right ingredients for a traditional dish, i'll try to make it anyway by being a little creative with the products I can get over here. 

Living in Taipei has also taught me a lot about Asian food I never experienced back in Europe. Just recently I ate Korean food (SO GOOD) and i've had Japanese food like never before. I'm also amazed by the quality of meat they serve over here. It's completely marbled and so tender. Some of my favorite restaurants in Taipei are: Addiction, Tsubaki, Bellini Cafe, Mitsui (had dinner there once, but it was amazing), Kanpai Classic, VeryThai, Kyung Ju and Modern Toilet. I'm kidding! The last one was a joke.

Best pastry or bakery places for me are: Mandarin Oriental cake shop, boîte de bijou and Le Ruban Chocolat. Taiwanese fruit is amazing as well: sweet and juicy pineapples, big, soft peaches, i'm even having fresh coconut juice everyday since it's back in season (!!!). 

So yes, welcome to Wolves Table!