Two weeks in Australia ~ 1st week : Melbourne

Hey everyone! It has been a while. If you followed me on Instagram, you know I went on a trip to Australia! Gosh, it was so much fun, I had ridiculous amounts of food, got to meet the best people and saw amazing wild life/nature/sceneries (I'm really missing it bad!). I'm back now, settling in, organizing my travel photos, writing the stories that come along with it and being very anxious to start baking, cooking, styling and shooting again!!! But first thing's first...

The outback of Foodie Town

Since forever, i've been telling everyone who would ask (including the ones who didn't) that I wanted to travel to Australia and New Zealand. Sure, South Africa sounds nice, Green Land would be great and Alaska ok, when i'm in the neighborhood i'd definitely pay a visit. No, I wanted to go to the far away land, where the 'upside down people' lived (this was me as a kid talking). Where land is colored red and kangaroos where as common as cows. I'm not sure how my fascination started for these two countries in particular. Yes, these where popular destinations among young (ish?) people in Holland, but I never really thought about the actual reason why. I didn't read a lot about Australia nor New Zealand. My knowledge about these two countries where created by tv shows and movies like Neighbors (does this still exist?) , Skippy, Lord of the Rings or Crocodile Dundee. This is not a good thing I know, but it's the truth. So why is it that these countries where always on my bucket list? I think it's because of the idea that it's at the end of the world (from my point of view in Holland at the time). I think it was the big unknown, the far way, outback adventure that called, (and the ongoing question: does the toilet water really flush the opposite way?? Worst thing is: I FORGOT TO CHECK!!). 

And so the unreal thing happened: we traveled to Australia. For one whole week I would explore Melbourne and the week after the country side of Victoria (which I will show you in the next post!).

Surprisingly though, when I stepped foot in Melbourne, it didn't feel that unknown at all. The first thing that made me feel like I could fit in was the simple fact that everyone spoke English. Hey, okay i'm kidding. Kinda. But coming from Taiwan this is huge for me. I could actually have conversations with these people!!! The other thing was the architecture. It reminded me SO MUCH about Europe, it's insane. But the very best part of Melbourne was their lively and wonderful (breakfast) food scene. This truly was pure joy for me, especially the breakfast part, being a breakfast person and all. (note: with breakfast person i'm not saying I like to get up early every single day, i'm just saying I enjoy the type of food and drink you have in the morning). In Melbourne I could have define breakfast food until 4pm, heck I even saw a place that serves breakfast till 5pm!!! HEAVEN. And i'm not talking about your basic eggs and bacon. I'm talking gorgeously plated foodie breakfasts that would suit a fancy restaurant without a blink. 

And so I went. For a week I took a lot of photos (some with my camera, a lot with my iPhone) and walked around for miles and miles. But most of all I ate. I ate my way through Melbourne. The best way to get to know a city. And let's be honest; it's a great way to get to know people too, but that's another story. 
Fitzroy was my favorite neighborhood. It bursts of creativity, fun people hanging out, second hand book stores and hundreds of cute little cafes and restaurants or snack places. And not to mention the huge amount of vintage stores to get lost in...
I listed some places I loved and went, down below. In case you're about to head off to One Of The Coolest Cities In The World. Looking back I would definitely go back and explore Melbourne again, taste the food, smell the smells, get confused by the ever changing weather temperatures in one day and see the Melbourne people again. Then Sydney after and off to the outback to get didgeridoo lessons from Aboriginals. And off course to check the toilet water thingie. 

30 OZZIE-3.jpg

To have delicious breakfasts

Auction Rooms
103 - 107 Errol Street, North Melbourne

Seven Seeds
114 Berkeley Street, Carlton

The Kettle Black
50 Albert Road, South Melbourne

Great dinner places (it's wise to make early reservations in Melbourne)

Rice Queen (oriental fusion)
389 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

Lucy Liu (oriental fusion)
23 Oliver Lane, Melbourne

Little Creatures (brewery, great for lunch and dinner or some drinks)
222 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

Vegie Bar (vegetarian food, great for a healthy lunch)
380 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

Chin Chin (oriental fusion)
125 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

Kong (oriental fusion, great for lunch too)
599 Church Street, Richmond

Tonka (Indian fusion)
20 Duckboard Place

Coda (Thai fusion)
Basement 141 Flinders Lane (Corner Oliver Lane), Melbourne

Some other shops to throw your money at

Chapel Street Bazaar (for all the vintage props you can imagine. And handle)
217 Chapel Street, Prahran

Food markets: Prahran Market & Queen Victoria Market are the way to go

Savers (A recycle superstore, filled with second, third, (fourth?) hand pottery, paintings, books, shoes, clothing's, furniture, etc etc. If you like treasure hunting, you will love this place)

***Again a huge thanks to Rachel from Two Loves Studio in Melbourne. Some of these places I went where recommended by her. Thanks Rachel, it was so nice to meet you!