Christmas breakfast item #2: Homemade Christmas Stollen

While i'm writing this, i'm still dusting off my desk, computer, cats and other office items. I can't help it. When i'm in the same room with powder sugar, I need to sprinkle. I need to sieve it on things. And while I was doing that, all that sugar whirling down gave me that snowie, wintery feeling and that's when things got really bad.

I had so much fun.

But hey, I made Christmas Stollen! For the first time ever and boy how they turned out great and deliciously! I didn't had any doubts because the recipe came from chef. He gave (maybe borrowed) me his years old recipe book (The Book) filled with traditional, Dutch recipes for cookies, cakes and breads. Which is great because i'd like to try each and every one of them. 

Christmas Stollen for me is the one thing I can't live without on Christmas days. It's an absolute must. From since I was a little girl my mom bought this for our family at one of our more fancier bakeries in town. We would eat only 1 or at the most, if you where lucky, 2 slices every morning so we could enjoy it longer, 1 or 2 days after Christmas (we are with only 3 in our family, me, my mom and my dad). A nice layer (read: a huge amount) of butter would go on top and that was a piece of heaven right there.  Because we ate this only on Christmas days, Christmas Stollen was a real special treat.

I never made Christmas Stollen myself but while I was making it, I was surprised how relatively easy it was. I was also surprised about the huge amount of raisins that go in the recipe (don't worry, it all makes sense once you taste it). But then again, this recipe is good for making 3 Christmas Stollen. It might be a lot, so you can always divide the recipe in 3 and just make one. I made 3 and kept 1, because the other 2 stollen make a great Christmas gift!

Homemade Christmas Stollen

recipe from chef

makes 3 stollen, each around 700 grams


650 gr all purpose flour
65 gr fresh yeast
13 gr salt
40 gr milk powder
40 gr caster sugar
130 gr butter
65 gr egg
260 gr water
13 gr lemon zest
3 gr cardamom


650 gr raisins
40 gr candied peel
30 gr chopped ginger
30 gr orange peel
50 gr chopped bigarreaux
15 gr chopped almonds

200 gr almond paste, divided into 3 even pieces of 66,6 gr

1 egg or leftover egg wash to brush the stollen
around 100 gr melted butter to spread on the stollen after baking

Making the dough

Pre-heat your oven at 200°C.

Now The Book tells us to start mixing up a couple of dough ingredients only and kneed it into a ball and after that add the rest of the dough ingredients. I'm talking about starting mixing this first:
- 325 gr flour
- 65 yeast
- 20 gr caster sugar
- 65 egg
- 260 gr water
After this, when you're done kneading, add the rest of the dough ingredients: 325 gr flour, salt, milk powder, 20 gr caster sugar, butter, lemon zest and cardamom.
(Off course I tried to add everything in one time and it worked. You are warned though. You now know the official way to go that is listed above).

After mixing and kneading the dough ingredients, let is rest for 20 minutes in a warm room, covered with a clean, damp cloth. 

Adding the filling

When the 20 minutes have past knead the dough again, just to squeeze out the air. Now add the filling by 'pinching' and squeezing the filling into the dough. This takes a little muscle power. Make sure the filling is added evenly. If not, the filling of your stollen will be on one side only, which will make it look and even worse: taste bad.

Once you added the filling, immediately divide the dough into 3 evenly pieces. Roll the pieces into balls and let them rest for 15 minutes, in a warm room, covered with a clean damp cloth.

After the second rise period reshape the balls into ovals. Let it rise again for 5 minutes.

To add the almond paste 

Now it's time to add the almond paste in each stoll. Roll each piece of almond paste (3 pieces of 66, 6 gr) so that the long side approximately matches the width of the dough. Place on top of the dough in the middle. Roll the dough up to enclose the marzipan. Make sure the upper side is shorter than the bottom side. Proceed by doing the same with the other 2 stollen. 

Using a brush, cover the stollen with egg wash.

Let them rest for 20 minutes (in a warm room, covered with a clean damp cloth) or until risen and doubled in size.


Bake the stollen (in an oven at 200°C) for around 15/20 minutes. Actually it depends on your oven, so keep an eye on your stollen at all times! If they turn golden brown, it's time to take them out.

Immediately after baking, cover the stollen with melted butter, using a brush. After the stollen are cooled down, you can start sieving the powder sugar :))))) !!!

And that's the way to make some very tasty stollen. If you're thinking to make this recipe, I thought it would be fun to share your stollen picture on Instagram by tagging me along (@wolvestable). I can't wait to see how your Christmas Stollen turned out!