Forrest flower Christmas wreaths

Last Saturday I was invited by my friend Takako to photograph a special event she was organizing. Takako is a Japanese florist living in Taiwan and she owns a cute flower shop in Taipei City. Every now and then she organizes a floral workshop on different locations. This time she wanted to celebrate the 1st year anniversary of her shop by hosting the workshop on a special location, called siu siu. A gorgeous space up on the mountains and surrounded by a forrest.

When the students arrived they where welcomed with a nice cup of hot tea (it was really cold that day) and an explanation of the workshop Christmas wreath making. The idea was to go out into the forrest and collect as many flowers and plants as you could find to make a Christmas wreath. Takako directed all the students and it was fascinating to see how different each and every wreath came out. To ease the cold hands and runny noses, we where all treated on a glass of warm wine mixed with fresh apples and rosemary. 

As soon as the Christmas wreaths where finished, they got nicely wrapped so that they would be ready to be taken home. It was a special day and everyone had so much fun. I loved how everyone could stroll around the forrest, explore and take their findings to make something special.

Thanks Takako for inviting me!