Two weeks in Australia ~ 2nd week: A road trip along Great Ocean Road

Looking at my photos of our road trip along the Great Ocean Road makes me feel like this trip happened years ago. It's weird how time flies by so quickly. The other thing that struck me is that none of these photos I took of the striking beautiful nature in Victoria, has a living soul in them! Not one person casually hanging around in the background or passing by. Not a face that turned at the same moment I snapped the photo. Ok, except for the herd of wild kangaroos we saw in a forrest close to the ocean (amazing!). But that's exactly how it was and how I remembered it. All these amazing beaches we went to, all these narrow forrest paths we walked; we hardly came across fellow travelers or locals who where out for a walk or just on their way home. 

The wild and rough nature we found during our trip was absolutely breath taking. I never saw so many beaches in one week and each and every one of them had a different kind of beauty. Some of them seemed so out of place, a little unearthly even, like we where on a different planet. And the ocean, it looked so aggressively wild. As if it would eat you alive once you would come too close. 

The highlight or our trip was the helicopter flight we took over the Twelve Apostles, the collection of limestone stacks off the shore of the Port Campbell National Park. It made me feel like I was reliving the opening scene of a Jurassic Park or a Lord Of The Rings movie. 

I hope you enjoy these photos of our road trip along the coast. It's a lot of sea, a lot of sand and other landscape scenes but that, next to the food in Melbourne, is something I really enjoyed during our trip in Victoria. What a beautiful state it is.