The best way to start 2015 is on Bali, naturally

Well hello there! It has been a while. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's Eve. And I also hope that the first couple of weeks of 2015 has served you well. I've been traveling to Bali the first two weeks of January and I had a wonderful time meeting up with my brother in law and exploring several different places on Bali. It wasn't my first time on Bali and I have to say I was kind of sad of how much Bali has changed (in a bad way) over the years. It has become way more touristic (I thought the first time was already a little too touristy) and the food in many restaurants and hotels hasn't become better at all (which is a huge turn off for me: Must. Eat. Delicious. Food. Every. Day. Right?!). The only food I really enjoyed (Yummy Nasi Goreng!!) came from local warungs which you can luckily still find all over the island. I do have to say we only visited the Southern parts of Bali which are famous for its more touristy destinations. I'll definitely travel to the Northern parts of Bali and Lombok next time. But don't get me wrong though! I had so much fun, swimming, snorkeling, rafting and scootering around Bali. It was the best.

The other interesting thing was that we arrived on Bali in rainy season. The first couple of days we had a lot of sun, the next day it was raining almost the entire day or only in the mornings, which I kinda enjoyed (i'm not a huge fan of steamy hot temperatures or a burning sun all day. And yes it doesn't make sense I moved to Asia at all ;-) ). 

But like I said; we visited the Southern places of Bali. We traveled from Seminyak, to Lembongan, Ubud and finally Jimbaran. I enjoyed Ubud the most because it has these amazing landscapes filled with endless paddy fields. Down below is a selection of my travel photos mixed with some Instagram photos I shot too. Hope you enjoy it and happy Friday too!

BALI 2015-1190.jpg
BALI 2015-1402.jpg