Taipei walks

I've been shooting a lot of non-food related items lately (fun stuff coming up soon!) And come to think about it; i'm really missing shooting food. So the other day, when I was walking around the city, I decided to take a break from shooting travel stuff (it's still a little travel-ish though...) and visit some cafe's to take photo's while drinking tea and/or coffee / eating cheesecake. I had so much fun. It's really interesting to shoot interiors, that's why I decided to start shooting these more often. 

Oh, and I figured the photos below could help us kick off the weekend and inspire you to stop working and just hang out with your friends to drink tea, eat cakes and have fun :) Happy Friday!

Khaki Cafe
15 Renai Road, Sec 4, Taipei City

One Fifteen
92, Da-an Rd Sec 1, Taipei City