Seoul | a glimpse of Gyeongbok Palace

Just two days ago we came back from our long weekend trip to Seoul. It was a last minute decision to travel to South Korea. Only two day's before we where boarding into the plane, we where talking about how to spend our weekend. We looked at each other and thought; why not travel to ehmmm...Seoul? Totally random but as it turned out, a great choice.

This was my first time to Korea and I loved it. I underestimated the size of Seoul, it's much, much bigger than I expected. And it was cold, like 'old school Dutch' cold. But it was all great; the weather, the food, the people, everything was beautiful. 

We only had a couple of days so we spend it eating, walking, subway-ing and eating (did I mention eating already?) our way through the city. Below are some shots of Gyeongbok Palace, the main royal palace of the Joseon dynasty that was build in 1395. It's a much bigger place than i'm showing you below, but I loved the minimalism in these shots.

In the next post on Seoul, i'll take you to the food markets.
Happy Friday x