summer Shadow play

It's shimmering hot in Taipei. Summer here is, when i'm really honest, not my favorite part of the year. When you're on a holiday coming from a cold country (like Holland) it may seem like paradise, but once you move to this part of the world and some strange things become a daily routine (placing buckets of water next to your bed to avoid dry skin from the AC, hiding from sunlight by wearing a huge umbrella whole summer long, wanting to sleep in a coffin during day-time and come out only when the sun is completely down and temperatures have dropped and telling your hair that extreme humidity is really not that bad and that it should stay down). Now off course i'm overreacting (some parts) but what I do like about summer in Taipei is the fact that our home get's sunlit every late afternoon and this automatically creates the best light and shadow play on the walls. 


This resulted in me trying to capture the light that comes in between 15:00 and 17:00. Past Monday I bought some flowers (not much, if I knew I would be shooting these I would have bought a fuller bush) and they created the perfect shadows on the wall. It made me wish it should be summer everyday of the year, minus 20 degrees.