Hong Kong + liFe right now

Here in Hong Kong we're in the middle of unstoppable rain, dark clouds and enduring high humidity levels that makes the city look + feel somewhat depressing. Even now, as I write this, a loud thunderstorm is raging outside my window. But the funny thing is, this is my favourite kind of weather. When I don't have to leave the house and stay comfortable at home behind my ginormous new computerscreen (My laptop died and so did I for a couple of long and frightening hours, but with this new 27inch magic window with to die for image quality, I just never want to leave anymore. Which is sad, i know) and my two fur kids curled-up next to me and the comforting breeze of a new and modern style aircon and a great working de-humidifier. Life is good this way. 

We moved to Hong Kong 6 months ago and it has been a huge adjustment for me. Which surprises people. Including myself to be honest. We've been moving around for a while and i never looked back with a soft hart to where we came from. But this time i started to miss Taiwan. I missed it's friendly people, the food, the low cost of living compared to HK, the small amounts of people at the same time when stepping out the door and it's peacefulness. Sweet and friendly Taipei. At first i thought I hated HK, that it was a mistake to move, i could not stand walking down the streets without feeling overwhelmed, thinking why everything is so dirty and why people started shouting at me when i was walking too slow or was standing in their way. I had to adjust to the big city and it took me a while. 

But after some time i started to explore the hiking trials outside the city, the flowers markets, the "wet" markets (the markets where you can buy fresh fruit, vegetables but also meat and fish), the cool and hip restaurants, the local restaurants and the rooftop bars. And all of the sudden i met a bunch of new friendly people and on top of that our apartment is honestly way better than i expected, especially for HK standards (which is mainly small!!!, expensive and with free pets like cockroaches. Luckily we found something good). Life here is easy: anything you need but that needs to be found first is Google-able in English (this is big when coming from Taiwan), you can hire cleaning ladies to escape weekly (deadly ugggh) chores, do groceries online which will than be delivered at your doorstep, you can go for drinks almost every night (if you wanted to, but i prefer pj's and netflix, thanks) and public transport traveling is a breeze (except during traffic hours, that's basically suicide). All these things can make a person very lazy too. 

So life in HK has been an adventure in discovering my parts of the city. Many other things have happen during these months. For starters: i've got engaged :) This is really exciting and it has me started thinking about a lot of things, happy things, sad things. Basically life things. And i went back to school, i'm doing a course which i heavily underestimated and now it has been eating most of my time, which is ok because i'm learning cool and new stuff every day. The thing is; i could never let design go (my background lies in graphic design/advertising) so i've always felt i needed to do both. But let's see how this go's.

Recently my in-laws visited us in HK. We've been exploring the city and that's when I started to take photos again (it's been a while). It's funny how it's hard for me to do two things (meaning my design studies and photography) at the same time. I just can't seem to focus when doing two things. For me it's full ass, or no ass. Half ass-ing makes me feel stressed. Weird i know. What also triggered me to shoot and edit these photos after all this time and post it here is because of the many talented wedding photographers (because we need one for our wedding) i've been seeing. Some of these photographers create such great work i was glued to my screen, believing this is a true form of art which i did not expect when talking about wedding photography. It inspired me on so many levels, it makes me feel i want to try wedding photography as well. But first things first. Hope you enjoy these photos, hope you're doing well and thanks for taking the time to read xx