Two weekends ago Frank surprised me with a sweet city trip for Valentine. I only found out where we were heading to just before we checked in. Turns out we were going to Taipei! As soon as we landed we felt at home right away, like nothing had changed, like nothing happened in the mean time. You see, we left Taiwan after living in Taipei for 2,5 years and missed it ever since. Now, 1,5 years later we were back and we visited all our favourite restaurants, bars and walked through our favourite neighbourhoods asking each other 'Why did we ever leave again?'. We even walked passed our old house, staring at it, hoping the guards would recognise us so we could talk about what has been. But "our" guards were new guards so we moved on. 

Taipei has changed since we left, many cute new restaurant's and bistro's have opened. The Japanese vibe is getting stronger in some area's (which I enjoyed), mixed with a Taiwanese twist. But the people are still friendly, the food is still to die for and the pace of life is still so relaxed compared to Hong Kong. 

In a couple of years, when we go back for a visit, i'm really curious to see how much it would've changed again. And I hope our old house will still be there so we can walk past it and remember the life we had there.

Mandarin Oriental Taipei


Zhongshan neighborhood